"At ABIDE, we were given the gift of time, listening ears and attentive hearts. The TRAIN staff had built such an intentional time for us that we could really process and unpack the things we knew we needed to and some things we didn't realize until we paused long enough. The setting was peaceful and beautiful and we made connections and friends we’ll take with us." - ABIDE Alumni 

What is Debriefing?

ABIDE is a week-long debriefing that provides time and space to process your experiences, be refreshed and renewed, connect with other cross-cultural workers, and prepare for a healthy transition. 

  • Confidential group debriefing 
  • Spiritual renewal and refreshment
  • Time to process your story 
  • Practical tools for navigating re-entry and seasons of transition

Families and individuals in transition from the field, whether they are returning or on temporary home assignments, have a myriad of emotions and experiences to unpack. Cross-cultural work is full of highs and lows, triumphs and tragedies, and other experiences that fall somewhere in between. ABIDE is a five-day debriefing retreat that provides time and space to process those experiences, be refreshed and renewed, connect with other cross-cultural workers, and prepare for a healthy transition. 

We spend time each day debriefing in guided group sessions with other cross-cultural workers.

As the week unfolds, we’ll help you acknowledge the losses and gains you experienced on the field, examine expectations and stress, and navigate transition. The compassionate debriefers at ABIDE will listen as you share the good, the bad, and the ugly, and help you gain a holistic perspective on your experience, enabling you to tell your story in a way that is honest and meaningful. 

Tentatively, we still have in-person debriefing on the calendar for the following dates: August 2-7, October 18-23, November 8-13. However, we will continue to monitor the pandemic situation and the local, regional, and national guidelines to make as an informed and wise decision as possible. If we choose to not meet in person, we will migrate them to the online format.


2020 Dates: (scroll down)

August 17-21 (online)


September 14-18 (online)

October 18-23 (in person)

November 8-13 (online)

December 7-11 (online)

ADULTS (In person)


13-17 YRS (In person)


9-12 YRS (In person)


4-8 YRS (In person)


0-3 YRS (In person)


Online Debriefing (Adults)


Online Debriefing (Children 8+)


Meals & Lodging

When we have in-person debriefing, TRAIN provides light breakfast, snacks, and lunch for the duration of the training. ABIDE participants are responsible to secure housing and transportation to and from the training in Joplin, MO. TRAIN has negotiated rates with local hotels and other housing options. Once registered and your deposit is paid, participants receive confirmation and additional information by email. 


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