ACCESS weekend seminars challenge and educate local churches to move to the next level with their current missions strategy and learn how to better care for their global workers so they may more effectively partner with them on the field.  Local churches will interact with mission leaders and discover ways of raising the bar of their mission endeavors and discover realistic, implementable starting points. 

What is Church Coaching?

ACCESS seminars help churches engage more effectively in cross-cultural work and draw on their unique positioning and resources. Whether you’re building a program from the ground up or you’ve been involved in cross-cultural work for decades, ACCESS can help you leverage your church’s resources for greater cross-cultural impact and congregational engagement.  TRAIN offers these seminars in 1 or 2-day formats. 

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your current missions strategy
  • Inventory your church’s resources and use them more effectively
  • Learn how to send and sustain cross-cultural workers 
  • Develop effective processes for partnering with nationals
  • Learn how to engage with internationals in your community

God has given people, experiences, and resources to your church to impact the nations in a particular way. Does your current missions strategy reflect the call and the gifts God has given you? At ACCESS (Assisting and Coaching Churches to Effectively Send and Sustain) weekend seminars, we’ll help you evaluate your current strategies and develop structures and processes that maximize your effectiveness in cross-cultural missions. 

ACCESS seminars are mobile and can be held at any location that is convenient for you. This enables more people from your church to participate and learn together.  Prior to the seminar, we’ll interview pastors and missions committee leaders from your church and gather background information about your current missions involvement and strategies. Using this information, we’ll tailor the seminar to fit your particular goals and resources. All seminars include personalized content, interactive discussions, and practical tools for implementing what you learn. We also guide you to resources that assist with future growth. 

ACCESS: Strategy

This seminar is the foundation and pre-requisite for all other ACCESS seminars. Through “Strategy,” we coach churches in defining, developing, and refining their cross-cultural missions strategies. Whether you have a longstanding missions program or you’re just getting started, we can help you align your resources with the vision and gifts God has given you. During Strategy seminars, you’ll discover what God has uniquely positioned your church to do and form strategies for putting that mission into action.

ACCESS: How to be a Sending Church

We believe missions agencies serve an important role in connecting cross-cultural workers with the nations they serve, and we believe the local church plays a central role in global missions. In “How to be a Sending Church,” we help churches understand God’s heart for the nations and His desire to work through local churches to proclaim the gospel around the world. We’ll equip you to identify, encourage, and equip cross-cultural workers in your congregation and to partner effectively with their sending agencies. 

ACCESS: How to Care for Missionaries

More than 70% of all missionaries who come home prematurely leave the field for preventable reasons. In “How to Care for Missionaries,” we equip churches to build missionary care teams that are better positioned to prevent these premature departures from happening. You’ll learn how to form proactive, intentional sending teams that are aware of the hardships and realities of cross-cultural work. We’ll prepare you to care for cross-cultural workers over the long haul and welcome them home when they’re ready for re-entry.

ACCESS: How to Partner with Nationals

Nationals know their culture and language better than anyone else, and they’re capable of making a long-term investment in the places they live. How can we develop intentional, forward-looking partnerships with these believers? In “How to Partner with Nationals,” we help churches develop processes that benefit everyone involved. We’ll show you how to partner with local believers who are on the ground and how to steward those partnerships wisely.

ACCESS: How to Effectively Engage Internationals

More than 80% of international students who come to the US will never set foot in an American home. Many churches are eager to change those numbers, but the biggest challenge is knowing where to begin. In “Effectively Engaging Internationals,” we train churches to mobilize their people to engage with the internationals who are already in their neighborhoods. Through looking at God’s heart for the foreigner and the stranger among us, we’ll help your church grow in their own concern for these populations and learn how to form meaningful friendships with people from other nations.



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Meals & Lodging

In ACCESS, a team of TRAIN church-coaching facilitators comes to your church to connect with your leaders. Details about typical arrangements can be found in the preliminary questionnaire form. TRAIN asks the church to arrange for or cover the cost for facilitator's lodging. Please contact us with any questions. 


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